Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bow Tie Peplum Blouse

I know I’m overdoing this peplum thing… but it’s just so figure flattering that I hope it becomes a classic rather than just a trend.

This is a new blouse design for my (hopefully soon-to-be launched) handmade clothing line.   

I used the standard-sized sloper, so its fit on me is not as perfect as my other creations made just for myself, but I think the gather in front bodice accommodates different figures. (I wrote about my fitting problem here.)

My pattern making skill is a bit rusty, so it took me several trials, but I’m pretty happy with the end result :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Gold Sequin Pattern Mini Skirt

I was drawn to this fabric at local Joann, but not sure how to use it… so I passed actually buying the fabric several times.
However, I couldn’t stop being attracted to it, and when I found the same bolt on the clearance rack for half price, I had to snatch it. (I’m a sucker for good deals…)
The fabric pattern is not printed but woven in, so it really doesn’t look cheap.  The texture sort of reminds me of that of Obi (waist tie for kimono) fabric.

I used Simplicity2451, one of my favorite patterns for my quick projects.  It has four pleats in front, shaped waist yoke, and side pockets.  The pattern does not require lining, but I might add it later because seam allowances of this particular fabric are a bit scratchy against my bare skin.

I think this skirt could be a nice accent in casual outfits and with natural materials like wool or linen…
Or who knows, I might go all out for holiday parties and dress it up to create a really eye-catching outfit…! ;)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Grey Tweed Coat

This is the second coat I made from my original coat pattern.
The pattern is made for my mother who is more of an average height of Japanese women than I, so it looks a bit shorter on me than it is supposed to.


I made this coat to be displayed in a cafĂ© owned by a friend of mine in Japan.  I think I will make some minor changes to perfect the pattern further… not very satisfied with sleeves and upper skirt pattern…

Also, pockets will be nice for a coat.  I didn’t make pockets for the pattern originally because of my mother’s requests.  She wanted a foldable light coat she could carry around in her purse… hence, I eliminated pockets, shoulder pads, and anything that might add bulk to the coat.

The fabric is some wool blend that I purchased several years ago in Oklahoma.  This time I fully lined the coat.


It’s beginning to look like winter around here…or so I hear at the local mall that plays Christmas music on repeat already…
(Off the topic...but I was wondering if anyone had problems making photos bigger on Blogger posts?? For me, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.... :(  )
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