Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Top-down knitting: Green dress

I love the top-down technique! Even a beginner knitter like me can modify a pattern! (well, but not so easily…)

I started knitting shoulders & neckline of this dress using the "feather dress" pattern from "Modern Top-down Knitting" by Kristina McGowan.  And then, I took it from there... trying the dress on every half an hour to check the progress, fixing the fit and design as I went.  I probably knitted enough to make two dresses, considering how many times I re-did every part of the dress.  CREATING A KNITTING PATTERN IS NOT EASY.  At least I learned that…

Because I’m relatively new to knitting, I made many mistakes along the way… and okay, I confess: my final tweak to the dress involved a sewing machine and a serger (probably a sinful act).  I wasn’t going to wear an ill-fitting garment, nor was I going to re-do the armholes for the seventh time…

 with my bow-tie blouse

I knitted and crocheted A LOT this winter, and it was a very educational journey.  I’m grateful that I had this wonderful opportunity to improve my skills in the yarn department.  There are many more projects I completed but had not shown here; more photos to come (maybe)!

I’m ready to start sewing again! With Spring approaching, I’m excited to start sewing light & colorful spring clothes :)
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