Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1950's Style Cardigan for My Husband from "Men's Knits"

Fortunate to have the kind of time I never had before, I’ve been avidly knitting all kinds of things this winter.  I knitted & crocheted hats, room shoes and socks for my parents and my brother in Japan, sending them via air mail as they complete. 

Then my husband complained that I never knitted for him… which is NOT true because I knitted a striped scarf for him (also from “Men’s Knits”) a couple of winters ago.  He only wore it like three times, and that is exactly why he doesn’t remember the fact I knitted for him, and the same reason why I never knitted anything for him after that (yes, I’m a grudge holder..).

My husband went shopping for a knit cardigan and came back empty handed.  At this point he begged me to knit him a new sweater cardigan.  OK, everyone deserves a second chance… so I knitted this 1950’s Style Cardigan from “Men’s Knits” by Erika Knight in extra-large.

This sweater cardigan requires gigantic knitting needles (size 17) which is a bit awkward to knit with.  But after I got the hang of it, it knitted up pretty quickly considering the size of the garment (Men’s XL).  

 I used Lion Brand’s Wool Ease Thick & Quick in charcoal instead of the expensive yarn suggested in the book… because I was still skeptical if he would wear the cardigan often enough to justify spending $150+ for the yarn…

I love this book!
It’s been almost 2 weeks since I completed this project, and he only wore it once.  He claims that he is saving it for more special occasions…

Well, at least he looks happy wearing it...

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