Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Original Design Coat for Mom

My mother in Japan asked me to make an unlined Jacket for her... She said she couldn't find anything she liked in stores.

She wanted:
-synthetic fabric (so wind does not go through)
-foldable to fit in her bag when she is not wearing it
-won't wrinkle
-light weight
-knee length
-double as a raincoat
I wouldn't say these requests are demanding... actually, if I were designing for a theatre play, this list would go on like this:
-glow in the dark
-break away on a cue
-change color in the second act
-need a secret pocket to hide a bucket of paint
-oh by the way, need ten coats like this by tomorrow's rehearsal

(...And I wish I was kidding...sigh... but I'm not complaining... These challenges are the very things that make designing theatre costumes exciting. )
Anyhow, my mother's wishes were very reasonable and achievable. Here is what I came up with:

It's made of 100% polyester crepe.

I started with this line drawing and draped the whole coat pattern.

It was probably easier to draft though because of all the ruffles...

There is a hidden pleat in the center back for wearing ease.

The coat is above-knee length on me, but my mom is shorter than me so it should be just at the knees or a little below knees on her.

It makes me want to swirl!
This was also a debut garment for my brand new clothing tag!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Top-down Knitting: Cafe Tunic / Dress

In this previous post about my crochet cardigan, I mentioned that I was going to try "top-down" knitting---and here it is! My first KNITTED garment!!
I followed the instruction in the book: "Modern Top-down Knitting" by Kristina McGowan.
It's her "Cafe Tunic" design. Since I wanted to wear this mainly as a dress, I picked x-small size(with some negative ease) and added 1'' to the hem.
A thin elastic code is enclosed in a row of crochet in each armhole.

I got yarns on sale at a local Joann , and they were under $25 in total! It's quite a bargain for 100% wool, no??

I've already ordered some more yarn to knit another project from the same book...I'm quite hooked ;)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Purple Tweed Shorts with Suspenders

BurdaYoung 7465
I made these shorts a few years ago when I was really into suspenders.
They are made with BurdaYoung 7465 view B.  I added lining since the tweed fabric was a bit scratchy.   The pattern required suspender adjusters in the back, but I skipped them and just made the front suspender pattern longer so they attach directly to the back of the shorts---metal adjusters hurt when I lean against the back of a chair!

BurdaYoung 7465
I wish I made the shorts a little longer....maybe letting down the cuffs would help...?


Another thing I did differently from the pattern is that I made the suspenders cross in the back.  This way suspenders don't slide off the shoulders and annoy you every 5 minutes...


This little piece inside keeps suspenders in place..

Monday, October 15, 2012

Floral Denim

Floral Denim
It's hard to find nice fitting denim...and the sizing and style of ready-made jeans seem to shrink every year from skinny to skin tight (I'm going to ignore the other obvious possibility for now).

Floral Denim

I saw this pretty floral print at a local second-hand sewing supply store for $5 and decided to finally make my own pair of jeans! :)

I used Butterick 5682 view A (Slim Ankle Length).  I wanted to make them longer but a little more than 1 yard was all I had...

Right now I'm debating if I should dye the pants with grey dye to tone down the color... for now I'm going to see if I warm up to it first...

keyhole buttonhole

inside the waist band

additional hair canvas for where a jean button is attached

quick temporary stoppers (staples) for the zipper

Monday, October 8, 2012

Brown Tweed Mini Skirt

I love mini + boots conbination... it's very 60's.

I made this skirt more than 5 years ago, and it has been the major work force in my wardrobe ever since.

I usually wear it with turtle neck sweaters or a white button-down shirt. Here I am wearing my favorite combination: a black turtle neck, the skirt, and black boots. (I'd like to point out that these fake-suede boots are from Walmart!) My American friends often says that you shouldn't mix black and brown in the same outfit---but I think if you make brown the only other color to go with black, the outfit could be very chic.... What do you think??

I used Vogue 2811 pattern. I was initially disappointed to find out the front pockets were not functional, but it's probably a good thing since having stuffed pockets is not a pretty sight... not to mention the risk of finding the forgotten tissue or cookie fortune in the washer.

*I intentionally did not match the patten so that piecing the fake pokets was not waisted effort..

Vogue 2811

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