Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Purple Tweed Shorts with Suspenders

BurdaYoung 7465
I made these shorts a few years ago when I was really into suspenders.
They are made with BurdaYoung 7465 view B.  I added lining since the tweed fabric was a bit scratchy.   The pattern required suspender adjusters in the back, but I skipped them and just made the front suspender pattern longer so they attach directly to the back of the shorts---metal adjusters hurt when I lean against the back of a chair!

BurdaYoung 7465
I wish I made the shorts a little longer....maybe letting down the cuffs would help...?


Another thing I did differently from the pattern is that I made the suspenders cross in the back.  This way suspenders don't slide off the shoulders and annoy you every 5 minutes...


This little piece inside keeps suspenders in place..


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