Monday, November 25, 2013

Batwing Sweater

Erika Patberg's Cobble Hill Pullover, Cascade 128 in Denim Blue

I thought the shape of the back was a bit weird and wasn't sure how it would look on me...
Turned out that it makes me look thin :)  
I think "drapy yarn" is the key to this pattern...

Friday, September 20, 2013

DYI Flameless Candle Holder

Outdoor Flameless Candles---Target
Scrapbooking paper---Joann
Silver plate---local thrift store

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

White Peplum

I've been making tons of peplum tops since last year because the shape really fits my figure. I just love the look!
However, the thinnest part MUST hit my natural waist, or it has the reverse effect. Ready-made peplum tops seem to rise up and have the unflattering effect on me. Good thing I know how to sew!

I used double-thickness of cotton jersey. Concealed zipper in the back.
Bodice of Simplicity 2648 + self-drafted peplum

I'm so so happy that the warm weather is finally in town!!

Hope you're also having nice weather!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Anna Sui Floral Blouse

My new spring blouse using Vogue 2850 Anna Sui pattern...

Sleeves & neckline are treated with self-fabric bias tape.

Ruffles are finished with serger's roll-hem feature..

The original pattern is quite high-waisted. I added 2" all around, and did full-bust adjustment.
I usually stay away from wrap-style blouses in ready made clothes because they never stay closed in the front. After adjusting around the bust, the blouse turned out to be quite securely closed with just two self-fabric ties! :)

Happy Sewing!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Small Changes Made to My Floral Denim

I made these floral denim pants last year, but I felt their fit was a bit off.

I made them tiny bit tighter, and shortened the hem by like an inch----and I think I love the fit now.

What a difference small alterations make!!!

Also, I'm taking part in this year's Me-Made-May. This is my first time participating in MMM, and I love it!! There are 300+ participants this year, and everyone's style is so unique. I love how people are active with comments, too. What a joyful way to connect with sewing enthusiasts all over the world!!

Happy Sewing!!

Bella Pants Revisited

I have used Burdastyle's Bella pattern before, but this time I made some alterations both on its design detail and fit. I changed the design of the pockets because the original design included gathering at thighs and really low pocket opening----which wasn't very flattering to my somewhat full thighs, nor practical for the use of those pockets.

As for the fit, I made the crotch curve a bit deeper, because I was getting the "smile" in the back of the previous pair. It wasn't obvious to me before... I thought those wrinkles were there because they were loose-fit pants. After reading "Fit for Real People" and "Pants for Real People" (now my bibles for garment fit/alterations), I was able to recognize the problem. I think my new Bella pants fit me much better than the first pair!

Pocket Close-up

I used polyester moleskin I got at a closing sale of a local Joann (re-opened with bigger & better selection across the street---Yay!!)----$5 for the whole bolt! It has stretch and the suede-yside, which I love...I already made a new skirt from the same fabric :)
Photographed with hand-knitted top

~Happy Sewing!~

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Top-down knitting: Green dress

I love the top-down technique! Even a beginner knitter like me can modify a pattern! (well, but not so easily…)

I started knitting shoulders & neckline of this dress using the "feather dress" pattern from "Modern Top-down Knitting" by Kristina McGowan.  And then, I took it from there... trying the dress on every half an hour to check the progress, fixing the fit and design as I went.  I probably knitted enough to make two dresses, considering how many times I re-did every part of the dress.  CREATING A KNITTING PATTERN IS NOT EASY.  At least I learned that…

Because I’m relatively new to knitting, I made many mistakes along the way… and okay, I confess: my final tweak to the dress involved a sewing machine and a serger (probably a sinful act).  I wasn’t going to wear an ill-fitting garment, nor was I going to re-do the armholes for the seventh time…

 with my bow-tie blouse

I knitted and crocheted A LOT this winter, and it was a very educational journey.  I’m grateful that I had this wonderful opportunity to improve my skills in the yarn department.  There are many more projects I completed but had not shown here; more photos to come (maybe)!

I’m ready to start sewing again! With Spring approaching, I’m excited to start sewing light & colorful spring clothes :)
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