Monday, May 6, 2013

Bella Pants Revisited

I have used Burdastyle's Bella pattern before, but this time I made some alterations both on its design detail and fit. I changed the design of the pockets because the original design included gathering at thighs and really low pocket opening----which wasn't very flattering to my somewhat full thighs, nor practical for the use of those pockets.

As for the fit, I made the crotch curve a bit deeper, because I was getting the "smile" in the back of the previous pair. It wasn't obvious to me before... I thought those wrinkles were there because they were loose-fit pants. After reading "Fit for Real People" and "Pants for Real People" (now my bibles for garment fit/alterations), I was able to recognize the problem. I think my new Bella pants fit me much better than the first pair!

Pocket Close-up

I used polyester moleskin I got at a closing sale of a local Joann (re-opened with bigger & better selection across the street---Yay!!)----$5 for the whole bolt! It has stretch and the suede-yside, which I love...I already made a new skirt from the same fabric :)
Photographed with hand-knitted top

~Happy Sewing!~

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  1. Great pants, love the wide legs and fun pockets! You really made out with the bolt of fabric. And your knitted top is just lovely.


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