Friday, December 7, 2012

Top-down Knitting: Baby Alpaca 100% Sweater Dress

This is my second knit garment from the book “Modern Top- down Knitting” by Kristina McGowan.    

I used the “Feather Dress” pattern, but made some changes so the shape was more flattering on me.

At first, I followed the original pattern, but the empire shape was not doing anything for my figure, in fact, I think it was doing exactly the opposite of flattering… it looked like this:

The model is looking perfectly pretty and thin in the book, but I guess this shape isn't for me.

I knew I had spent too much money on the expensive alpaca yarn to knit something I wouldn’t wear, so I decided to fix the problem…

In the original pattern, the top bodice and the skirt pieces are joined at the under bust line and an elastic cord is attached to the joining.  I undid this joining and picked up stitches from the bodice, then knitted further down to the waist line.  I decreased stitches a bit so it gets smaller toward the waist.  I skipped the elastic cord, and re-attached the bodice and the skirt.  I undid the skirt hem about 5 inches to make it mini-length.  

I think I could have made the waist circumference even smaller for the better fit, but I am not about to undo this garment again.  I’m pretty satisfied with the sweater for now.

I also made the chiffon blouse (previous post) to wear it with… Together, it’s a cozy and super warm outfit!! 

 Thanks for visiting my blog! Happy Sewing/Knitting!! 



  1. i followed you over here from burda... you have so many great garments on your blog, i just love it!

  2. Hello. I think you gave your blog the right name. You really do have a great sense of style. I'm nominating you for a couple of blogging awards. The details are on my page at


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