Friday, September 28, 2012

Cold Porcelain Antique Roses

Cold porcelain roses

I recently came to know about "cold porcelain" with which many crafters make beautiful accessories  and dolls.  Is is air-dry clay made mainly from cornstarch and while glue.

I searched for homemade cold porcelain recipes online, and combined the recipes so I could try with what I had in our house.  The process required cooking in a pan on stove, so I bought an used pan and a wooden spoon from a second-hand store just for this purpose. 

I also made molds using buttons and the mold-making techniques I leaned for special effect make-up.  You can also use molds for cake decorating, etc.

It took about three days for the clay to dry. I then painted with acrylic paint and finished with Mod Podge.

Cold porcelain roses

Cold porcelain roses

Cold porcelain roses


  1. Beautiful pieces Sachi! I especially love that hairpin with the golden beetle! :)

    1. Thank you!! I love the bee too, but was not sure what color I should paint it to..

    2. oh! I thought you painted it! Don't!! It's so cute as is. :)


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