Monday, September 10, 2012

Denim Peplum Top and Skirt

When I make something, I try to picture the item I'm about to make in three different outfits combining with clothes and accessories I already own.  That way, I won't end up with something I would wear only once or twice a year. 

I made an exception to this rule when I sew this peplum outfit on the cover of August 2012 issue of Burda magazine.

Sure, the skirt is just a simple pencil skirt, so it would be easy to wear with any other tops I own,
but the blouse seemed like a more challenging piece to incorporate in my wardrobe.

But the outfit was so chic I couldn't pass up! I picked light colored stretch denim for the project. 

This is another rule of mine--- when the shape is elegant, pick casual fabric (and vise versa).

When I posted on, this project got many comments from fellow Burda members.  This pattern was quite a hit from this issue!

I think this could go with the orange skirt from the previous post:

Maybe with a pair of shorts, too...

With a petticoat for a casual party....

I still can't come up with a good jacket to go with the peplum top... so for now, I will keep myself warm with a wrap...


  1. i love your blouse.. and love all the extra pics with different styling.. can't wait to finally get back home, and sew one of these blouses for myself :)

  2. Thank you! I hope you love your version of this blouse as much as I love mine!!

  3. Your top and skirt are gorgeous worn together or with the other pieces :)

  4. Lovely! I really like your combo pics :))) I'll use this idea in my future posts :)

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