Saturday, September 8, 2012

High-waisted Orange Pencil Skirt

I recently discovered this local second-hand fabric store, which I am in love with.  Sometimes I find beautiful vintage fabric for a very reasonable price, and other times it just feels good not to waste resources.
The blouse and the skirt in the photo are made from thrifted fabric I got from the said store.  I am not sure of the fabric contents...the white seems to be cotton batiste, so it's a bit see-through.  I used double thickness so I could wear it without a cami underneath.
The orange fabric for the skirt is some kind of cotton/poly suede-back satin, I think.  I used the suede side as the right side.  The fabric is wrinkle resistant----in the other wards, IT WON'T TAKE IRONING FOR NOTHING.  The seams didn't iron out like I wanted, but oh well, wrinkle resistant is a good thing for a skirt...
I used patterns from Burdastyle magazines.  I usually post sewing projects on this magazine's website,  If you like the patterns, you can also purchase them online using links on the right here.
Since my waist is the thinnest part of my body---I always add a belt, or a fitted vest to emphasize the shape (otherwise I would look much heavier!).  High-waisted style lets me have the same silhouette without those aids.
Here are some possible outfits using items I already own:
+Thrifted blouse (it had a huge additional ruffle around the neck which I took off),
Thrifted vintage elastic belt

+Knit cardigan (shrunken style from a few years ago..)
+White blouse and handmade necklace(another project of mine),
Jean jacket(from like..when I was in high school...)
I think this skirt is a nice addition to my very neutral-colored closet!


  1. Wow, that skirt looks really, REALLY cute! I'm going to checkout that website since I love sewing my own clothes too! =)


    1. Thank you, Sherry! Hope you will join burdastyle with us!!


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