Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Plastic Canvas Purse

I was flipping through my mother's old Japanese craft books from 1960's.
Plastic canvas craft was new and popular then----and the designs were beautiful and complicated.
 Those books inspired me to try plastic canvas craft.
I decided to make a purse:
 The design of the bag is inspired from Ralph Lauren's Native American Collection bags.
I drew guidelines for pattern with a permanent marker---as you can see, completely eyeballing it.
Then, I started filling the space with simple satin stitches using wool yarn.
I didn't want to use long strands of yarn when I stitched, so I had to tie the next strand a lot, consequently the back came out a bit messy...
 So I fabric-glued fleece on the back side before constructing the bag.
I also put in metal openings and D-rings on the side for the shoulder strap while the piece was still flat.
Finally, I whip-stitched the canvas form into the purse shape stitching through the edges of fleece lining.
(Plastic canvas form and wool yarns from local Joaan)



  1. Gosh, you're clever. Been following you on Burda, I didn't even realise you had a blog, until you posted link on your crochet cardigan post.

    1. I just started this blog this month!

      I love reading about other people's sewing experience, so I thought I would share mine, too:)

  2. Ohhh, this is a piece of true art! Congrats for the patience and skill!!!

    1. Thanks!! but it's actually really simple construction!!

  3. Pretty dope! I'm in the process of experimenting with this right now. Seems like the back being a bit messy is unavoidable, but so far the front is pretty cool. Still trying to figure out what to do with the inside. Felt of a pice of actual canvas was what I was thinking.


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